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    ■ According to Wikipedia, the population of prostitutes in the U.S. (approximately one million) is larger than the population of CNN viewers.

    ■ Across all cable networks, CNN now ranks 15th, behind Home and Garden TV (4th), the Hallmark Channel (9th) and the Food Network (14th).

    ■ The 237,000 viewers CNN has shed over just the last year is more than the populations of Richmond, Virginia (227,032), Baton Rouge, Louisiana (225,374) or Des Moines, Iowa (217,521).

    ■ Their remaining 767,000 viewers could all comfortably fit in Jefferson County, Kentucky (current population 771,158).

    ■ Their current ratings are lower than those for failed TV shows such as TBSís Wrecked (846,000), cancelled after three seasons. The bottom-rated show on broadcast TV this week, CWís The 100, had 901,000 viewers, which was 134,000 more than CNN.

    ■ More people tuned in for the 2018 Little League Baseball World Series (an average of 1.02 million per game; more than 3 million for the championship) than watch CNN these days.

    ■ There are more real-estate agents in the United States (1.3 million) than there are CNN viewers. And many more people work at Walmart (1.5 million) than watch CNN.

    ■ One survey suggests there could be twice as many witches and pagans in the United States (1 to 1.5 million) than there are CNN viewers.

    ■ Americans are more likely to ride a bicycle to work than to watch CNN. According to a new report from the Census Bureau, 836,569 Americans over the age of 16 say they ride a bike to work.

    ■ More households keep chickens and other poultry birds as pets (1,020,000) than tune in to CNNís primetime shows, according to a survey from the American Veterinary Medical Association.
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    First I slashed my cable bill by buying the cheapest package that still had the 24 hour news channels. Then I got tired of flipping between the "GOP sucks channel" and the "Democrats suck channel". Both were too repetitive so I stopped watching cable TV and canceled the service.
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