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  1. #1 Washington State To Allow Composting Of Human Beings 
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    Green Revolution: Washington State To Allow Composting Of Human Beings

    1. Washington State will allow human body composting

    It doesnít get much greener than this.

    Staking his presidential run on climate change, the Governor of Washington is set to sign a bill legalizing composting of deceased humans.

    An especially high percentage of the deceased in Washington are cremated, so this alternative will cut down on carbon emissions.

    Instead, family members can pay around $5,500 to turn their loved ones into compost, and use the composted-remains to plant a tree.

    Hell, why not throw it right into the vegetable garden. Then your loved ones become a part of you.

    Friendly reminder though, soylent green is people.
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    Soylent Green is made of people!

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    Iím trying to find the lyrics but the general idea of one chorus in an old country song talks about just tossing my dead body in a ditch for the animals snacks. Costs a whole lot less than $5500.
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    This is one step closer to water cremation or alkaline hydrolysis.
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