Wail and complain. DEMAND Republicans do whatever Democrats want.

a kennedy (17,674 posts)

and isn't there one Republican that thinks all this shit is not ok?? Really??

not one will cross the ever widening divide that is congress to say this delay, delay, and delay is enough already. Not one will come forward and say this piece of shit in the peopleís house should show his taxes, and show the full unredacted Mueller report?? Are they really covering up for him because they are all somehow involved with him?? I just donít understand this. Not one will come forward?? Itís a very bad, very bad state of affairs we are in. AND IíM SO MAD all the time.

Because there isn't ONE Republican that doesn't know that releasing grand jury information is ILLEGAL.

And a witch hunt is no reason to compel the release of an opponent's tax returns.

Democrats are oh so upset, yet not ONE DEMOCRAT went to view the Mueller report that only has the grand jury information redacted.