U.S. Border Patrol agents from El Paso Sector working in conjunction with agents from Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and officers from CBP’s Office of Field Operations (OFO) identify at least one local case in which children are possibly being recycled and forced to undertake the treacherous journey from Central America to the United States.

On Wednesday, Border Patrol Agents and OFO Officers processed family groups in Border Patrol custody. Within those being processed was what appeared to be a family group that caught the attention of one vigilant OFO officer. While in the interview process, the officer noticed several inconsistencies that led him to suspect that the child and the alleged parent were not related. With continued questioning Border Patrol agents, OFO officers, and HSI agents were able to gain enough evidence to determine that the child had been “recycled” in at least two prior instances
There is no crisis on the border !

I think any asylum or other request can be automatically denied if it is determined that the applicant lied on the request.