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  1. #1 'Not a statistic': Students walk out of Colorado shooting vigil to condemn politics a 
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    'Not a statistic': Students walk out of Colorado shooting vigil to condemn politics and press

    Source: Washington Post

    A vigil commemorating the victims of the STEM School shooting in Colorado ended in protest Wednesday evening after students said they refused to be used as pawns to promote gun control.

    Hundreds attended the vigil — students, teachers, activists and elected officials — to honor Kendrick Castillo, the 18-year-old who was fatally shot on Tuesday. But Castillo’s classmates were moved to protest after invitees Sen. Michael F. Bennet (D-Colo.) and Rep. Jason Crow (D-Colo.) spoke. Many of the teenagers perceived the speeches as politicians politicizing their trauma when they wanted their own voices heard.

    Students stood and stormed out. Some clapped and united in chants, deriding what they saw as a “political stunt.” The school parking lot quickly filled with teenagers, cursing at the press and holding backlit cellphones in the air. "What happened at STEM is awful, but it’s not a statistic. We can’t be used for a reason for gun control. We are people, not a statement,” said one student wearing a yellow Spartans shirt. Another teenager voiced similar frustrations, saying: “I thought this was about us, not about politics.”

    The gathering at Denver’s Highlands Ranch High School, one of several held Wednesday, was organized by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

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    The jack*sses and the Democrat Propaganda media are still refusing to report that the 2 perps were and ARE LEFTISTS. And surprise!!! There's been no reporting on where they got their guns that I've seen. If they think they can blame it on "the right" they ENDLESSLY report on it, criticize it and call for "gun control".

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    1. "We can't be used for a reason for gun control.

    You never want to knock survivors of a mass shooting.
    But here we are.

    Politics ARE about you, kids.
    Politics affect you every moment of the day, whether you acknowledge this or not.
    But politics are about MORE than you.

    Politics will determine if this just keeps on happening to others,
    if someone finally puts some sort of stop to it.

    I hope those of you who walked out come to realize that, but in the meantime, those who want the madness to stop will continue fighting to that end, even if it's just "politics."
    Jack*sses want gun control. They want a compliant underclass they can dictate to, because they just know that THEY can do Socialism 'the right way' - or so they claim.

    All the Democrat Jack*ss politicians who are advocating for Socialism and spewing their racist, antisemitic views remind me of when the homosexual activists began demanding same sex marriage and when the Jack*sses began demonizing and destroying anything to do with the confederacy history because it's OFFENSIVE.....and their entitled to not be "offended".

    The Jack*sses make it appear that it is a spontaneous oh so righteous uprising when it is nothing but a PLANNED Jack*ss POWER PLAY to get their asshole demands and desires enacted.
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    1. The shooter used his parents' guns without their knowledge. IOW, he stole them. Somehow, CO's gun control laws didn't prevent that.

    2. The event was organized by the gun-grabbers, but represented as a vigil to honor the victims. The gun-grabbers pulled a bait-and-switch, but the students didn't play along like obedient sheeple.

    3. The event specifically excluded students - including those who lost a friend or whose friend were hurt or were shot and released or had faced the shooter - from speaking.

    4. The event organizers didn't merely announce the event so media could attend if they chose, the organizers invited specific media people. Can you say shills.

    5. The students not only walked out, they also had agreed among themselves not to speak to media people. Either they knew the media people were part of the bait-and-switch or simply knew media people cannot be trusted.

    Gun-Grabber Fail!

    MSM Shill Fail!

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    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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    They wanted another David Hogg to pop up and that community made of out of touch upper class Lefties, just normal Working Class people.

    The out of touch Lefties are the ones who shot up the school, but of course DU is never going to mention that.
    And if they did, they would try to justify the shooting.
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