Let the hate, lying and whining commence......

stopbush (20,321 posts)

Rs OK with destroying the USA to cover for an asshole and his self-inflicted asshole-ish troubles

Let's face it, they must ALL be complicit in colluding with the Rs in 2016. They must know that if tRump goes down, THEY also go down when the TRUTH is finally revealed.

The swore an oath to uphold the Constitution, but they are lining up to break that oath because they've painted themselves into a corner by not dealing with tRump in 2016 when they could have shut him down. They figured at worst they'd suffer politically for a cycle or two. They were prepared to get wiped out by Hillary's victory and her coattails. So, they rolled the dice, got in on the Russian help that tRump was offering, figuring maybe they'd survive politically on an individual basis. They figured that once Hillary was in their collusion would be swept under the rug, forgotten as they called for investigation after investigation of Hillary and Bill.

But they never thought tRump and all his baggage could actually win, even with the Russian help. They were wrong - tRump won SOLELY due to the Russian help. And now, they were trapped in a snare of their own making.

THAT is why they are ready, willing and able to defend tRump - they are defending and hiding their own crimes in the process.

I hate fucking Rs.
Good try, but bbzzzt, FAIL. I've read the constitution and there's NOTHING in there about Democrats being entitled to the Presidency.

Like always they do not and cannot name ANYTHING that President Trump has done that doesn't uphold the constitution.
Laura PourMeADrink (26,254 posts)

11. or it yesterday! Get it over with, make

a statement, then work on protecting vote.

600 prosecuters vs one person makes no sense.

Petition for impeachment to be delivered with 10 million sig's!!
Right. How impressive - not. 10 million out of more than 231 million eligible US voters (2016). And how many of the 10 million are ineligible because they're illegal aliens or for other reasons?

kentuck (91,268 posts)

12. And Trump is probably complimenting and patting a few judges on the back already...

..anticipating that they will rule in his favor in the appeals process.

If so, they would need to recuse themselves.
lol. Think again.

cp (1,434 posts)

13. 4. Get his tax returns

His financial crimes will hit the hardest, both to him and to his hate yokels who worship his "business success." It will be more clear to them that they've been duped, in simple terms: numbers.
Duped? Trump didn't hide the fact that he lost a lot of money and was in debt in the 80's and 90's. In fact he announced it in his show "The Apprentice". Besides businesses fail all the time. If it made one ineligible for government service there's a lot of Democrats that should resign.

sop (167 posts)

16. "When you strike at a King, you must kill him" - Ralph Waldo Emerao

I'm all for impeaching Trump, but only if it drives him from office, not as some symbolic gesture. And we should all know by now Trump will never be convicted by the Senate.

The McConnell Bunch - the best politicians money can buy - will never be swayed. Trump is incapable of shame, he will not be chastised by being impeached in the House. Viewers will not see Trump asking for forgiveness and promising to be a better president on TV. The despotic charlatan will emerge stronger, and the whole quixotic exercise will only help him unify his base.

The last thing I want to see and hear, for the entire 2020 campaign, is Donald Trump bellowing, "I was found not guilty, and totally exonerated of all charges of collusion and obstruction by was all a witch hunt by the 18 angry me and I'll put Pelosi in jail!" If he can spin the Mueller Report into a complete exoneration, imagine what he'll do when the Senate actually finds him not guilty.

And after many months of witnessing Trump feeding more and more lies and bullshit to his hordes of unstable deplorables as they angrily cheer him on at those Bund Rallies, chanting "lock her up!" in unison and (literally) attacking the press, with corporate media doing their patented election season both-siderism and wall-to-wall coverage of Trump's every utterance again, all the while trying to make it all seem perfectly normal, this despicable POS will be re-elected.
watoos (5,452 posts)

17. I cheated, I turned on msnbc while riding my bike.

I see that Speaker Pelosi has also called this a Constitutional crisis. She should hold these press conferences more often, it's better than watching replays of Trump's rallies. She is still pushing being calm and taking our time.

I mean OK, I support her 100% for Speaker, but this Battle of Bunker Hill mentality of don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes is pretty darn nerve racking. I mean we did inflict more casualties on the British and Bunker Hill became a rallying cry for our young patriots, but we did lose that battle. We better take close aim when we see the whites of those eyes.
bzzzzt. Another fail. Democrats not having the Presidency and not liking the elected President ISN'T a "constitutional crisis" either.
rustydog (9,111 posts)

20. We must use the tools our founding fathers gave us when they created America

Impeachment necessary to remove illegal, immoral or unstable people in government. Democrats MUST begin the process of investigation, calling witnesses and working on Republicans in the Senate with the TRUTH and show them that Country over party is the only way to go.
Yet they can't name one thing with PROOF and FACTS that he did that was illegal. And "immoral" isn't illegal. Nor is hate a reason to impeach.

But they'll keep on, keep on lying, whining and throwing temper tantrums.....because THEY are entitled.