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    A couple of years ago my fairly new computer started to take forever to boot.
    Actually, boot time was okay, the problem was getting to the desktop and then waiting up to five minutes for the desktop to fully load to be able to launch anything!

    Looking for information on what I could do to speed everything up again I tried various suggestions like: Task Manager, WinPatrol, SysInternals etc. etc.

    Some like Sysinternals would list all of the startups but I was in the dark on which programs were absolutely A MUST for computer functioning!

    That is when I stumbled upon a program that not only listed every startup program but also pointed out the essentials, obsoletes, new, trojans, services etc. etc.

    I was so impressed with the free lite version that I purchased the Pro version!

    My question is .. Why in the world hasn't this app been recommended by more folks, to others who have startup problems?

    The link that I have included goes to their home page where you can download the free version (or pro).

    If any of you would like to try it out ... I'd appreciate your opinions.

    I promise, there is no malware at the site or in the app itself!

    About ...

    StartEd is a utility that helps you to manage the Windows startup procedure. It recognizes obsolete or memory-hogging startup programs, and lets you safely disable them to increase your computer's performance. You can uninstall startup programs directly from StartEd.

    StartEd also detects Trojan Horses, the most destructive and dangerous species of computer virus, and allows you to backup and restore your startup configurations.

    StartEd displays detailed info about the functionality of every system service so that even novice users can manage their startup configurations. A warning message is displayed if a system service vital for the computer's stability is about to get disabled.
    Full feature list ...

    View, Edit, Delete, Disable and Add entries to your Windows startup configuration

    Detect obsolete startup items and unneeded memory hogs

    Backup and Restore your startup configurations

    Manage System Services with detailed notes and description

    Filter Service List with keywords

    See new startup items and services since last StartEd use
    Uninstall Applications

    Show detailed information about every startup entry

    Launch programs

    Create shortcuts on desktop (useful for temporary disabled items)
    Print out and copy startup list to clipboard

    Recognize Trojan Horses in startup configuration

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    Why not use msconfig.exe then startup tab to check what you want starting. Only installed addons show up there not system files which you would have to turn off in services for the useless ones. Every time you reinstall something it sometimes will change that file so you have to turn it off again, like for instance IDM or internet download manager, which updates often and it ignores your setting and makes it start on boot, which is good for that one but other programs you might have updating often will do the same so you have to turn them off again.
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