I always wonder why people keep up with politics. Are you looking to be up to date with the issues? Looking for confirmation bias on your opinions? Looking to hear the other side?

I guess it's a little bit of all of the above for me, and I'm sure with other people.

The best example of having my opinion changed is probably on the topic of abortion. All through my teenage years, to young adulthood I would be considered pro choice. It just made sense to me. It's not a kid, it makes your life so much easier to not have the burden of a child right? What's the big deal, quit interferring in other people's affairs.

Then I started to actually listen to pro life arguments (the issue was that it's not that I was pro choice necessarily, I just didn't care to hear the opposing view because it seemed so obvious to me) and I heard arguments that are very difficult to argue with.

Steven Crowders "I'm Pro Life, Change My Mind" videos are specifically what I'm referring to. When he detailed the consistent hard line argument of when he believes life begins, and the choices one can make if they don't want to be a parent it honestly changed my mind to the pro life side.

I'm definitely a conservative, but reasons like this are reasons I enjoy hearing opposing views, and challenging my beliefs. Because I don't know everything, and a reasonable case is a reasonable case. I'm open to having my opinion changed if it makes sense. And the pro life arguments just make sense to me.

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