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    Obama and his cadre of Socialist/Marxist b*tches and whores seem to be intent on creating a race war. Figuring, I suppose that THEY will come out on top. Create chaos and a power vacum or self righteous Jack*sses and take over.

    Social media PIGS have created an environment where you cannot even criticize a Black Person or call 911 EVEN WHEN THEY ARE IN THE WRONG.

    Demovictory9 (6,180 posts)

    Author faces backlash for reporting black Metro employee for eating on train; book deal halted

    A D.C. author shamed a Metro worker for eating on the train. Now her book deal is in jeopardy.

    The backlash was swift, with many accusing the woman, Natasha Tynes, of trying to get the employee fired.

    Author Natasha Tynes has ignited a firestorm on social media, where she criticized a black Metro employee for eating on the train and reported the woman to transit officials.

    Tynes, a Jordanian-American
    writer and World Bank employee in Washington, tweeted a photo of the woman Friday, showing the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority employee in uniform, eating on the Red Line. Tynes tagged the WMATA account, reporting that when she confronted the woman for breaking Metro rules, the woman told her to “worry about yourself.”

    “When you’re on your morning commute & see @wmata employee in UNIFORM eating on the train,” Tynes tweeted. “I thought we were not allowed to eat on the train. This is unacceptable. Hope @wmata responds."

    The backlash was swift on Twitter, where people have been calling out the self-described “minority writer” for shaming a black woman and attempting to get her into trouble. Amid the uproar, Tynes apologized, saying she was “truly sorry” for the tweet, which she acknowledged had been deleted. By early Saturday morning, she had also set her account to private.


    Barry Hobson, the chief of staff for the Metro workers union — Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689 — said in a statement the Metro employee was taking her meal break while in transit from one assignment to another. The statement notes operators have "an average of 20 minutes to consume a meal and get to their next access point to ensure all buses and trains are on time, safe, and ready to serve the riding public.”


    Rare Birds Books, a publishing house that was set to distribute Tynes’s upcoming novel, “They Called Me Wyatt,” has since decided not to do so.

    The company said in a statement Friday that it had learned that the author “did something truly horrible today in tweeting a picture of a metro worker eating her breakfast on the train this morning and drawing attention to her employer. Black women face a constant barrage of this kind of inappropriate behavior directed toward them and a constant policing of their bodies.
    madaboutharry (30,018 posts)

    1. This will teach her to mind her own business.

    I don’t get people who go out of their way to get another person in trouble when that other person is doing something that is harmless. There must be some gain for them, like feeling superior or something.
    I would have probably ignored it, but to destroy someone's life because they pointed out the TRUTH? That's today's self-righteous jack*ss left though.

    RhodeIslandOne (2,922 posts)

    2. Apparently you can't eat on the train, period.

    I would never want to get an employee in trouble or rat them out for something non safety related or not dangerous. But it's bad form for an employee to break a rule right in front of the customers when they are expected to turn around and enforce it. It's hypocritical, period.

    Furthermore, the employee should have proper break and meal times to eat in private, not have to be "in transit" to make their next post on their break.
    IndyOp (14,793 posts)

    7. The public shaming is cruel - mob mentality -

    and all of it needs to stop. She can’t think of anything better to share on public media than a photo of a person who didn’t agree to be the subject of a post with a holier-than-thou snarky statement? When an adult - especially - is trying to gain social popularity by criticizing others it smacks of the relational aggression they should have outgrown soon after junior high.

    Also - in my world - authority figures get to break rules I am expected to follow and that they have to enforce, when situations warrant.

    Finally, yes, she should have a quiet, private location to take a decent break - but she doesn’t. So what was she supposed to do? Operate public transportation safely for a bunch more hours after having not eaten for hours since her last meal?

    It would have been more professional for the Metro employee to explain her situation to the author - but it is almost guaranteed that the author’s comment to the employee was made in an obviously disrespectful manner and it is human nature to respond to disrespect with anger.
    Awwww. Jack*sses talk about and advocate public shaming all the time. Guess it's OK as long as it's towards someone THEY hate.
    IndyOp (14,793 posts)

    3. The sanctimoniousness - it burns!!

    Not nearly as much as the racism - the Metro employee was apparently working multiple shifts, because Metro employees probably don’t earn a living wage - and this woman feels entitled to shame her?

    Reminds me of a woman whose story was told - I think in a Michael Moore movie - she had to hold down multiple low-wage jobs when a social program was ended that had helped her and her kindergarten soon make ends meet. While she was gone - working a typical 18-hour day - a family member was staying with the boy who found a gun in the home and accidentally shot and killed himself.

    You never, ever know a stranger’s story. I learned way back to ask myself if there might be an entirely valid reason why someone is behaving in a way that is unexpected to me. I actually had a pastor once who said that in situations like this he thinks up “excuses” for others - the backstory that explains what he is seeing. Empathizing beats being judgmental any day.

    Disclaimers: This is appropriate for situations in which someone is eating on the metro or using two BBQ grills at the park when you are supposed to use only one per group - not for situations in which someone is being put in real danger.
    They person who pointed it out is JORDANIAN AMERICAN. Guess "black" is higher on the personal identity victim status scale.
    wolfie001 (1,356 posts)
    5. Good outcome! nt
    mwb970 (10,278 posts)

    8. She deserves what she got.

    What a horrible woman. I hope she never gets published now.
    Honeycombe8 (35,839 posts)
    17. Even if the employee had been breaking the rule, who would try to get her fired?

    I hear about this from time to time. A convenience store employee who's rude, a transit employee eating a burger on the train, etc.

    I always wonder...who would go after a low level working class person for a trivial offense? Maybe he/she was rude or violated a rule, but come on...people like that are likely to get fired, when someone complains about them. We all are rude sometimes, we all break minor rules sometimes. Let it go. Move on. You never know what's going on in someone else's life. Don't get a person fired over something trivial. PERSPECTIVE.

    You can complain all you want about an executive in a business. I guarantee you he won't be fired. Complain away!
    dsc (47,427 posts)

    18. maybe someone who got arrested for eating on the Metro

    which is a thing.
    Shrek (2,704 posts)

    30. Actually she was

    From the article:

    Though the union acknowledged it is against Metro rules to eat on a train or in a station, Hobson’s statement also referenced an email from Metro Transit Police Chief Ron Pavlik sent May 8, ordering officers to “cease and desist from issuing criminal citations in the District of Columbia for fare evasion; eating; drinking; spitting, and playing musical instruments without headphones until further advised.”

    So there is a rule that applied to her, but apparently the chief had just recently decided to stop enforcing it.
    Recursion (52,888 posts)

    19. I'm ambivalent. Metro has a history of arresting and handuffing people for eating

    Given that I don't see what's wrong with calling out a uniformed WMATA employee for breaking the same rule with impunity.
    Honeycombe8 (35,839 posts)

    22. There's no rule against that, is what I get from the article.

    She was on a 20 min. dinner break, the boss said. Apparently it's allowed.

    It's different for a certain number of (few) workers taking their dinner breaks on the trains, and thousands of people riding transit system all day eating...dropping food, leaving trash. The latter would be a nightmare.

    I wonder if people would prefer they stop the trains so that the transit workers can leave the trains and eat, then come back.
    Most Jack*sses can always justify and rationalize why they and those they agree with or that which advances their narrative shouldn't have to obey the rules others do. The HillyB*tch is a prime example. Same for illegal immigration.
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    But he dont b doen nufin. I love watching youtube videos of policemen trying to deal with the heathens, they can come up with a hundred excuses as to why they broke the law.
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    Food and food waste bring ROACHES and RATS. This is why eating on the trains was outlawed on the DC Metro--the planners took note of the flaws of the NY subway system and tried to avoid them. (That is why the Metro closes down at night--the planners knew that most NYC subway crime happened between midnight and 5 am.)

    Sadly, following any guidelines on public transit--even for the good of all--is now "racist".

    This means White people, who understand that avoiding vermin is a good thing, cannot enforce any policy that tries to prevent public spaces from becoming hell holes because some Black people don't understand the reasoning behind the policy and routinely break it, screaming "racism" when they get caught.

    RIP Washington Metro.
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