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  1. #1 Trump to announce huge merit-based immigration overhaul Thursday 
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    President Trump will be announcing a massive immigration overhaul on Thursday.

    Senior administration officials told Fox News on Wednesday that the new immigration plan will transform the immigration system from a visa lottery to a merit-based process.

    The plan is reportedly called “Build America Visa” program and would recognize “extraordinary talent” and “people with professional and specialized vocations,” including students demonstrating high merit.

    The purposed would be to attract those who are highly skilled and would have a positive contribution to the American economy and humanitarian values. It also wouldn’t change the number of immigrants allowed in the country — only the composition of those allowed.

    Currently, 66 percent of admitted immigrants are permitted due to family ties, and that number will be significantly reduced to 33 percent under the new plan.

    About 12 percent of immigrants are admitted due to merit, and the plan is anticipated to quadruple to 57 percent.

    About 10 percent of immigrants would be admitted for humanitarian or other reasons. The plan would also expedite the court process for immigrants applying for legitimate claims of asylum.

    Applying immigrants would be analyzed using a point-based system. Socioeconomic factors, goals of investment and job creation are some of the criteria of the point system.

    The plan is expected to raise the average income of immigrant families from the current $43,000 to $126,000.

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    The article doesn't mention it outright, but Trump will be submitting this to Congress, not trying an unconstitutional phone-and-pen EO.
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