This is quite the arrogance.....and delusion.

StarfishSaver (628 posts)

When will these arrogant men realize Speaker Pelosi is playing Rope-a-Dope with them like a master?

While Pelosi and her team are systematically getting their ducks in a row, laying the procedural groundwork they need (and, thank you, Lord, ignoring the calls from the base and the Trumpers to jump the gun) for court fights and impeachment, she's giving the Trump team her Cheshire cat smile and saying little more than a breathy "Oh, please, please. The last thing I want is to IMPEACH you. Please don't make me!" That's both pissing them off and making them cocky as heck, and it seems that just about every hour they do something else stupid that provides further evidence of contempt of Congress and obstruction of justice.

Keep digging, fellas. Just when you think you've dug the perfect hole, Nancy and her team are gonna bury you with your own sh-t.

They still think that they have lackeys protecting them, but the truth of the corruption of the Democrats will win out.