Yale Claims ‘Brief Absence of Condom During Otherwise Consensual Sex’ Was Sexual Assault, Suspends Student

The world is turning into a minefield.

On December 9, 2018, Yale University student John Doe was engaging in consensual sex with a female student when his condom slipped off.

The encounter lasted “for approximately ninety minutes. Unfortunately the condom did not last more than 45 minutes and new one had to be applied.” For approximately ten seconds, the sex was unprotected.

The female, whom court documents refer to as Ann Roe1, subsequently accused Doe of sexual assault, because she “froze” when she realized what had happened, but he continued.

She reported the incident to Yale authorities and the Dean of the school, Marvin Chun, made the decision last month to suspend Doe just ahead of the final exam period
I guess he didn't buy the Kevlar reinforced condoms