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    American citizens in Austria can now go to their local Mc-Donald’s to get in touch with the U.S. embassy, according to global newswire AFP. The fast food restaurant will help Americans with travel information or replacing a passport. The Thumbs hope such convenient options will soon be offered domestically. Imagine going to an Oklahoma Whataburger and replacing your Texas driver’s license, hold the spicy ketchup. The whole trip, including a high-maintenance order of three Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwiches — extra jalapeños, sub the bun for Texas toast — would probably still be quicker than an afternoon at a Houston DPS office.
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    Interesting, if bizarre, idea.

    I remember falling off of an overnight train in Vienna at about 6:45 on a Sunday morning. The only thing open within sight of the central train station was a McDonald's, so we went there and I got an egg Mcmuffin and a pint of Warsteiner, served right alongside the coke and the Dr. Pepper. Since it was another two hours before the car rental place opened, that ultimately made for an interesting drive to Bratislava....
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