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  1. #1 With illegals surge, Border Patrol officers are catching the measles and mumps and... 
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    Should catching the measles, or mumps or chickenpox or tuberculosis, be part of a federal employee's job description? You know, take the TB the way the military at war with an enemy takes the bullet? Except, of course, that the military can defend itself. Border Patrol agents cannot.

    It is now. InfoWars, via Drudge Report, has some news on just this appalling state of affairs:

    agents than ever before are calling in sick to work or showing up sick, says a Border Patrol union representative who worries too many agents are succumbing to illnesses brought by illegal aliens.

    Carlos Favela, president of the National Border Patrol Council Local 1929, says the number of agents affected by illnesses has reached alarming levels in recent years, with an estimated 20 to 25 agents from the El Paso sector calling in sick each day, while others come in to work sick because they've used up their sick days.

    "I believe this is probably the record, you know, Border Patrol-wide, since ever, of agents calling in sick," Favela told ABC-7.
    I'm surprised that either these Border Patrol members either have never been vaccinated, never had a booster (if needed) or the vaccinations didn't work.
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    There is no crisis at the border.

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    Could this technically be considered biological warfare and those behind the immigrant caravans charged with war crimes?

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    You would think the agents are all immunized just like service members, if they aren't someone has dropped the ball.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Banacek View Post
    I'm surprised that either these Border Patrol members either have never been vaccinated, never had a booster (if needed) or the vaccinations didn't work.
    There was a bit of news a couple of weeks back noting that a lot of people basically my age (47) and thereabouts, often younger (into the mid-30s), were inoculated under a single-shot protocol because that was considered enough at the time, but now with the resurgence of measles, that's proving not enough.

    I never had a chicken pox vaccine because when I was that age, the "vaccine" was going and getting chicken pox as early as possible (didn't work for me; I didn't get it until I was in the sixth grade). We had "chicken pox parties" when I was a kid so that everyone could get chicken pox at the same time if possible.

    I had an MMR and a booster when I was much younger, and that was considered more than enough at the time. I'm also the first one in my family not to have the scar from the small pox "scratch in" vaccine: I just got a regular shot instead by then.
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    I work with the general public and with kids, sometimes immigrants (rarely illegal immigrants, though). I have had all my relevant vaccines or I am immune because I contracted the illnesses as a child (mumps and chicken pox) before there were vaccines for them. If I hadn't been immunized one way or another as a kid, I would have gotten the vaccines before working here. I don't know if it's required, but it's highly recommended.

    We are having a resurgence of measles, mumps and chicken pox. Let's hope we don't get one of smallpox (they no longer vaccinate for it in the US, which IMO is a big mistake) or polio. Smallpox is deadly. Polio can kill, or it can leave a child crippled for life.
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