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    Lawrence Jones: SAT 'adversity score' is 'insulting,' implies 'people like me' can't make it

    Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief Lawrence Jones joined Fox & Friends Friday morning to discuss, among other topics, the SAT beginning to assign students an "adversity score," which will factor in students' social and economic hardships.

    As Campus Reform reported Thursday, the College Board, which oversees the college admissions test known as the SAT, will take into account 15 different factors when determining the student's "adversity score," which the students themselves will not even be able to see. The College Board and supporters of the "adversity score" have touted it as a way of leveling the playing field for disadvantaged students. Jones disagrees.

    This is not leveling the playing field. This is a savior complex. This is identity politics," Campus Reform's editor-in-chief said. "The fact that they think they can judge people based on where they come from, the color of their skin, and what they went through, I think is insulting. It's essentially saying, people who come from those backgrounds, people like me, cannot make it and I think we warned America that this was going to happen and no one paid attention."

    Another in depth discussion can be found here

    The SAT’s Bogus ‘Adversity Score’ can be found in this Op-Ed in the New York Times (surprisingly)
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