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    Huh? The record thus far shows that special counsel Robert Mueller removed Peter Strzok from his investigatory team after learning about texts between them demonstrating hostility toward Donald Trump. Mueller’s office took credit for it at the time, and even Strzok gave Mueller credit for facilitating a somewhat-mutual decision, by his telling.

    However, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe told Congress eighteen months ago that it was he who pulled Strzok off his special-counsel assignment:

    Note that nowhere does McCabe mention Mueller in this process, which seems unusual, to say the least. Don’t forget that Strzok ended up in human resources, which gives an indication of the regard McCabe and other FBI leaders held Strzok after hearing from the IG. McCabe made the decision all on his own to reassign Strzok after hearing from the IG after consulting other FBI “fellow leaders” on where to put him, even though Strzok was working for a special counsel in an autonomous capacity? And Mueller didn’t even get consulted on how Strzok
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    So, who lied? Mueller or McCabe?
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