Tuesday, MSNBC interviewed 2020 presidential hopeful South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D-IN) at a Washington D.C. protest against several state laws banning abortion.

Buttigieg said, “This is another example of an issue most Americans agree with Democrats. These legislatures adopted positions that most Americans would consider to be extreme. Most Americans believe in Roe versus Wade. Most Americans believe in women’s reproductive freedom. And the even when people have a different view or set of values around what that choice should be, most Americans believe it should be up to the woman to make that choice. So by pursuing a radical extreme agenda on these social issues, I think Republicans are doing the same thing when they have resisted a popular agenda on living wages or health care.”

“It is just one more example of the extremism in the modern Republican Party, and it’s our job on the Democratic side to show how all of these issues are linked,” he continued. “The same place an attack on women’s reproductive rights are the same places it’s hard to get a living wage, same places you’re seeing voter suppression that seemed to be directed to communities of color. All of these things are connected. All of these things are important and what we’re doing is reminding the American majority we are in fact a majority and the extreme agenda being pushed by hard right is out of step with the American people.”

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