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  1. #1 Chris Wallace Silent as Buttigieg Trashes Fox News, Lies About GOP ‘Taking Away’ Heal 
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    The Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace was humiliated Sunday as he allowed Pete Buttigieg (D-IN) to walk all over him with insults and lies.

    During Sunday’s New Hampshire town hall, Mean Little Mayor Pete trashed Wallace’s Fox News colleagues — two of the network’s biggest stars (Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham ) directly to Wallace’s face and Wallace said nothing in their defense:

    You know, a lot of folks in my Party were critical of me for even going this with Fox News … and I get that, especially when you see what’s going on with some of the opinion hoists on this network. I mean, you got Tucker Carlson saying immigrants make America dirty; when you’ve got Laura Ingraham comparing detention centers with children in cages to summer camps — summer camps….

    The presidential candidate and mayor of South Bend, IN, then attacked Fox News as a whole:

    There is a reason why anybody has to swallow hard or think twice before participating in this media ecosystem.

    Watch below as the gutless Wallace says nothing in reply, other than … “All right mayor, we got to take a break here.”
    Wallace needs a testosterone shot !
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    Maybe... and may be just giving butthead enough rope to hang himself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Retread View Post
    Maybe... and may be just giving butthead enough rope to hang himself.
    That was my thought as well. Sometimes letting stupidity show how stupid it is is a wise approach. And the Dems can't whine, because Wallace didn't attack Pete B.
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    I doubt if Chris Wallace would begin to know how to be loyal to his fellow Fox colleague. I've never trusted him and think he's just in it for himself. I put him on a par with Shep Smith. Mayor Pete proved what a jerk he is. No wonder he's sinking in the polls.

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    The mayor is a faggot and a moron, but I repeat myself ...
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