Media Drops Coverage of Pro-LGBT Colorado Shooters
Gay and transgender status runs counter to desired anti-conservative narrative
Conservatives are noting the relative blackout of media coverage following the identification of the perpetrators of the STEM school shooting in Colorado.

Unlike previous mainstream media coverage of school shootings that extended days if not weeks after the initial mayhem, reporting of the STEM School Highlands Ranch attacks on May 7 quickly faded from the headlines.

Once it became apparent the shooters Devon Erickson and Maya "Alec" McKinney didn't match the far right-wing, fringe Christian and racist profiles of other adolescent school shooters, it seems major news outlets dropped the story.

Erickson, it turns out, was an ardent detractor of President Donald Trump, wrote fondly of President Barack Obama and expressed disdain for Christianity. His vehicle had been painted with "666" and "F*** Society." Additionally, Erickson is gay, and his 16-year-old accomplice, McKinney, is transitioning her gender from female to male....

But whereas unhinged shooters with ties to right-of-center groups are immediately and inextricably joined together by an agenda-driven media, it seems the same media quickly grants a pass to individuals conforming to the left-of-center view that they are members of a victimized and oppressed minority.