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Impeachment/investigative hearings will CHANGE public opinion!

Just like in the Nixon situation, hearings will radically change public opinion. Just look at the polls on the subject before and after those hearings. Public opinion changed from being decisively in opposition to impeachment to being decisively in favor of impeachment. Plus, the hearings brought about new revelations, something that would likely happen this time, also.

The GOP says that if we pursue the impeachment of Trump, our losses will be similar to the losses they suffered as a consequence of the Clinton impeachment. NONSENSE! When the full facts about Clinton were exposed, what Americans saw was a very modest bit of lying about sex. With Trump, it has been massive lying and obstruction centered on national security, Russia, etc., in concert with a set of authoritarian actions. That makes a big difference! Today’s poll numbers on the subject mean nothing!

Something to remember: When the GOP warns us that an action on the part of the Democrats would hurt the Democrats……well…..Occam would say: They are telling us not to do something because they DON’T want us to do something! Every time this happens, too many in our party swallow this reverse psych technique hook, line, and sinker! Too many of us have swallowed this canard yet again. Believe me….they are NOT trying to help the Democratic party avoid self-inflicted electoral harm! They are trying to help themselves!
Pelosi knows that there is no there there.

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2. It might depend on what they come up with.

Trumps accounting firm is eventually going to be turning over documents to the house, If they can get some expert in front of a committee to say that he has been laundering money for the Russians, it's game over.
Notice the wording. "If they can get some expert in front of a committee to SAY that he has been laudering money for the Russians...."

Like they let it be known that they expected Mueller to say that there was collusion...despite that there was no evidence or proof of it. They 'KNOW' it's so and they're entitled to power.