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  1. #1 Trump is hanging himself and Speaker Pelosi knows this. 
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    This fits right in there with "Hillary is going to win in a landslide" and "Mueller's report is going to GET TRUMP" as well as 100 other times they jack*sses would breathlessly report that 'this' would 'get Trump'. They were sooooo sure. And then it all fell apart because it was nothing but lies and wishful thinking.

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    Trump is hanging himself and Speaker Pelosi knows this.
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    1. She is letting him dig his own hole

    A beautiful thing to watch
    No. She's just acting like a Democrat usually acts - like a bitch.
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    3. If Trump's words and actions actually put him in jeopardy, like...

    ... one would expect in a nation of laws and ethics, then his being trapped in a web of his own lies and criminal conduct would have happened a long time ago.

    Can't really be sure he's going to fall into the hole he's digging now. Can't really even be sure a hole is actually being dug.

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    9. Yes!

    Works every time. Trump is now so full of rage it is a sight to watch.
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    IRL, Pelosi knows that an impeachment vote in the House would at "best" result in a slap-down in the Senate, and at the rather probable "worst" hand Trump another 4 years and the Rs a solid majority in the House. That's why she's desperately trying to get the stupider House Ds to cool their jets.
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    I don't believe that Pelosi knows what year it is and what state she lives in.
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