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  1. #1 I've just got to brag on my grand-daughter. 
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    I've just got to brag on my grand-daughter.

    My granddaughter is finishing up her Sophomore year in High School. She's a fantastic young lady. Her HS had a program where 8th graders could come and work out with the HS marching band. She not only came out, she was in the marching band when she started 9th grade. At the end of 9th grade they invented a new award just for her because of her hard work in band and her willingness to help any other band member that needed it.

    This year, early in the season she dislocated her kneecap and ended up having surgery on both knees. As soon as she was able to go back to school she went to every band practice so she could keep up with the music and she will be marching next year.

    Oh, and did I mention that she is in several AP classes and is on the Honor Roll? So, we were chatting today and she was talking about her AP English class and how hard it was. For their final project they have to do a debate. Each student had to pick a topic, write a paper on their view and then debate someone in the class who had taken a different position on the topic.

    She picked the topic of abortion and is defending the right of women to make their own choices over their own bodies! Bearing in mind that she has grown up in KY, she makes me so proud I'm about to burst!
    Awwwwww. Isn't that sweet. She's sooooo proud her granddaughter is advocating for women to kill unborn babies.

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    Maybe she should title her essay, "Why I Wish I Had Been Aborted".
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    I tend not to believe it because the point of 'Debate' in civics-class was to defend the opposite side of your opinion.

    Otherwise, a grade didn't make sense... defending something you already believe in. Both kids were chosen for their opposites, with our teacher subbing on topics everybody appeared to be on the same side of.

    In the second part of the class, the teacher assigned us a random topic, in which we were allowed to defend our opinion of.

    Maybe 'Debate' in her english-class was more a matter of public-speaking techniques.
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    Won a journalism award in high school for a column I wrote where I advocated against the death penalty. A companion column was written taking the opposite view.

    She & I had the exact opposite personal views on the subject as I was actually pro-death penalty. But that is actually what journalism is. Write something well even if you disagree with what you wrote.
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    You really cant be proud of her until she's had her first abortion.

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