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This may be Trump's future. Indictments for bank fraud and tax fraud.

We can see it taking shape. Congress is getting closer and closer to getting Trump's bank records and tax returns. My home state of New York is passing laws that will help congress investigate Trump taxes and nullify his pardon power. No double jeopardy.

The New York State government and justice department are working with The Democrats in congress to bring Trump and his family to justice.

When Trump leaves office he may be in severe legal jeopardy.

Trump has already been named in the Cohen case. Trump will be charged with the same crime when he leaves office. Cohen has shown us some evidence of how Trump lies to banks. Trump likes to play with the numbers. That's fraud and he has probably done it his whole life. It's just a matter of time before justice catches up to Trump.

Removing Trump from office is the first step. Then I want him put on trial and sent to prison for the disgusting life he has led.


pecosbob (2,837 posts)

4. I'm hearing rumours about nine separate redacted money laundering cases

shockey80 (2,090 posts)

7. I believe there is so many crimes we don't know about yet.
pecosbob (2,837 posts)


I was in the courtroom yesterday during the Deutsche Bank arguments. They pretty much said Russian Oligarchs money laundered through Trump and Jared, I think he will act crazier and crazier to get out of this, he knew the argument was WEAK and what was coming. It's over
I question whether this was really said in court. However even if it was that has nothing to do with President Trump unless they can prove Trump was in on the scheme. If there was proof of that the DUmmies and Democrat Propagandists would be crowing about it. And they're not. They think their speculations and wishes are the truth.

ProfessorPlum (10,540 posts)

8. It's a real indictment of our system that this family was allowed

to commit all of these crimes over many years, and were never discovered and/or weren't important enough and/or were allowed to operate above the law.

How did he even get close to the White House with this record, and what is obviously a criminal enterprise?
Quemado (717 posts)

11. The deeper question is: why hasn't Trump ever been indicted

by NY? Trump committed crimes in NY for decades.
Liberals still haven't learned that their fantasies and wishes don't make what they are claiming true.


Democrats will find nothing in the financial records they manage to get.

That won't stop them from using innuendo, lies and outright ignorant claims that X and Y "PROVE" that he laundered money or some other 'crimes'. When someone who isn't a partisan idiot motivated by hate looks at them the truth will come out. Liberals will be crushed over and over again.

In the end they'll find nothing and we'll get the Trump WON, Hillary LOST and Mueller NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION 3.0 with the same disbelief, claims that xyz was protecting Trump or they just didn't get the right records, and outright depression, rage and temper tantrums.

And then they'll be on to their next scheme to reverse an election that they lost.

PREDICTION 2: It will make Democrats even more unhinged than they already are and swing voters will be repulsed.