ProudMNDemocrat (4,037 posts)

What is to stop Barr from ARRESTING Mueller, Hillary, and the heads of the Intelligence Community?

I know this sounds far fetched.

Robert Mueller is set to testify behind closed doors to Congress about his report. With New powers given to him by Trump and NOT Congress, what is there to stop Barr from going full throttle and issuing arrests of those Trump suspects spying on him?

Who will get in his way in preventing Barr from arresting Hillary, Jim Comey, John Brennan, Political opponents, and others?
Nothing if they've committed a crime. Just because they are "political opponents" or members of the intelligence community/corrupt DOJ employees doesn't give them a get out of jail free card.

winetourdriver01 (240 posts)

2. You know

You know what? People ask, why aren't Americans in the streets protesting this administration and it's Fascist direction? I don't have a good answer for that, but I will say this: If the administration tries to arrest Sec. Clinton or the heads of the intelligence community you WILL most definitely see people in the streets. There is a bridge too far, and that would be it.
Jack*sses always circle the wagons around their corrupt criminals.

kentuck (91,474 posts)

7. And they would still be in jail?

Or would they be out on bond?
Eliot Rosewater (21,089 posts)

28. If? did someone say IF?

Every fucking thing we didnt think they would do, they did.

OF COURSE they will arrest actual patriots.
Democrats definition of "Patriot" - 1) those who side with Democrats every time, no matter what they have done. 2) Those who protect corrupt Democrats

democratisphere (13,726 posts)

4. Tens of millions would march on Washington.
Hortensis (30,424 posts)

41. No, they would not. Pretty sure stopping that nonsense

is covered in the first section of How to Overthrow a Government for Dummies.

Of course, those without anyone to care for and actually free to leave might feel they might as well march after their power and water at home were cut, gotta find water immediately if nothing else, but with all the highways closed and guarded, where do they march? And what happens when their water bottles are empty?

This is Ferguson, MO, not Syria.

Our vote is our power. Lose that and we're no longer free people.
marylandblue (10,684 posts)

5. Right now, the DOJ lawyers would probably refuse to do it.

If he somehow found someone willing to indict, the grand jury would likely be suspicious and might refuse. It's rare for a grand jury to refuse an indictment, but that's partly because it's rare for a federal prosecutor to show up with a weak case.

Assuming that they do indict, there is still a judge after that, and our courts are still independent enough to turn back a politically motivated indictment.
Ilsa (51,595 posts)

8. Barr would be made to be afraid if he went that far,

I think. He would have to become afraid of mobs, and maybe even Congress taking him down, impeaching him.
standingtall (2,046 posts)

12. Also he might be afraid to go home if that were to happen

sense his residency is in Virginia a Democratic controlled State. Wonder what would happen if blue states decided to fight fire with fire, because of what would be going on at the federal level? Barr very well could very well end up in a Virginia jail in that scenario.
The left will act as thugs so he'd better do as they say and ignore the Democrats corruption and criminal actsw.

blueinredohio (2,527 posts)

27. I don't know about arresting anyone

but I'm afraid he will declassify information that foreign enemies shouldn't know.
Right/ sarcasm

They're afraid that declassified information will PROVE that this whole Trump/Russia collusion story was entirely made up by Democrats and never Trumpers who refused to accept the results of the last Presidential election. And who knows what else is dug up about the elites. As they say, 'follow the money'.

Buckeyeblue (1,155 posts)

35. I would dismiss this but it is Trump we are talking about

You would think Hillary is still connected enough that if being arrested was even a possibility, she, Bill and Chelsea's family would leave the country. They could go anywhere.