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  1. #1 Right-Wing Media Shares Edited Video Portraying Nancy Pelosi As A Drunk 
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    Right-Wing Media Shares Edited Video Portraying Nancy Pelosi As A Drunk

    As Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi continues to confound President Donald Trump — describing him as throwing a “tantrum” and urging people close to him to hold an intervention to correct his boorish behavior — right-wing social media users are apparently trying to disparage her character online through use of a doctored video.

    In the footage, Pelosi, speaking at a Center for American Progress event on Wednesday, appears to be discussing policy in a slowed, slurred fashion. But as the Washington Post reported on Thursday, the video being shared is not a true depiction of Pelosi — the doctored version is 75 percent slower than the original recording.

    Conservatives and Trump supporters were fast to share the doctored video without verifying its authenticity. One right-wing Facebook group’s posting of the video garnered more than 1.4 million views of the video, and resulted in more than 32,000 shares. Users on the platform referred to the Speaker as “drunk” and a “babbling mess,” according to the Post’s reporting.

    Trump shares video that highlights verbal stumbles by Pelosi and questions her mental acuity

    President Trump shared a video on Twitter Thursday night that spliced together several verbal stumbles of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) at a new conference earlier in the day, further escalating a spat in which both have questioned the other’s mental fitness.

    “PELOSI STAMMERS THROUGH NEWS CONFERENCE,” Trump wrote in his tweet, quoting the chyron from Fox Business Network, which aired the video Thursday night on its show, “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”

    As of Friday morning, the tweet with the video was pinned atop Trump’s Twitter feed.

    Awwwwww. LOL. Democrats are enraged. How DARE they do this to Pelosi. They have no problem doing similar and lying about Republicans though.

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    1. Base, cruel liars.

    Once the video lie is out there. It’s out there. 39% of ducked (autocorrected) up people will believe it.

    I hate them so much. There is NO decency among them. None.
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    3. fight fire with fire...

    except videos of trump won't have to be edited. Put out a deluge of him speaking incoherently...and then start playing the incompetent to serve card. Fuck these assholes....
    Does the idiot really think those are not already out there?

    As they say, fight fire with fire.
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    So what? Republicans have to deal with nearly every word parsed and mis characterized hourly.
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    She is a drunk, so why the outrage?

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