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  1. #1 4 Factors Why The Uranium One Investigation Has Gone Nowhere 
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    You guys were right about Sessions...

    Bringing back the swampy Republicans should forgive and forget meme...

    But an unanswered question lives on: How is it that Jeff Sessions assigned responsibility to a U.S. Attorney to investigate Uranium One, the Clinton Foundation, and the alleged misleading of the F.I.S.A. Court by senior F.B.I. officials, and did not want to see anything come of it?
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    The biggest reason the investigation is never going to go anywhere is that if there is anything fishy about the deal, they would have to take down the Bushes along with the Clintons. Trump may not care about taking down the Bushes, but the rest of the GOP does. Trump will be gone in either 2 or 6 years. The Bushes will be around for generations.
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