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  1. #1 Why the UK Suddenly Is Suffering from a Physician Shortage 
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    Why the UK Suddenly Is Suffering from a Physician Shortage

    A UK tax policy intended to soak the rich has caused highly specialized physicians and surgeons to retire early, depriving more than a million citizens of their services. A new report details the extent to which progressive taxation has harmed British patients.

    The NHS is in a state of perpetual crisis characterized by doctor shortages, long wait times, and rationing. The UK lost 441 general practitioners last year and had 11,576 unfilled vacancies for doctors as of last June.

    But in the last six years, 585 surgical practices have closed down, affecting 1.9 million patients. Last year alone, 138 surgery facilities closed their doors, up from 18 in 2013.

    What changed during that time? The Daily Mail explains:

    The [British Medical Association] has warned that growing numbers of GPs and consultants are taking early retirement or cutting back on work to avoid hefty pensions taxes which make it uneconomic to continue practising. Retiring GPs often create a domino effect by leaving remaining colleagues with more work, who in turn become demoralised and quit.
    Some members of UK society dismiss anything published in the Daily Mail. However, more socially prestigious outlets confirmed that analysis:

    An investigation [in March] by the Financial Times found widespread evidence of consultants refusing to take on extra work to clear patient backlogs fearing extra pay would bust tax allowances on their pensions contributions, triggering five-figure tax bills. …

    [T]he Department of Health conceded that around 3,500 consultants and GPs had retired early over the past three years due to pension tax charges.
    I believe a certain novelist called this sort of reaction to government attacks on achievement and creativity "shrugging".

    Two things are predictable consequences of Screw-the-Rich taxation:

    1.) Wealthy people will avoid it. They may move away from the jurisdiction attempting to rape them. Or they may "shrug". But they won't lay back and take it.

    2.) The definition of "rich" is flexible, and will include less wealthy people sooner or later. Fork it over, Kulak!
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    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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    A class in human behavior my be appropriate for these dimwits. Human behavior is rather predictable on many topics.

    Income and taxes tied to your income is a no brainer. There are numerous economic graphs that demonstrate what the government can get away with their taxation policies if they care to examine these charts.

    For every action there is a reaction. This reaction was likely more than they were expecting. Trying to recover this brain trust won’t happen anytime soon. Who suffers are the people who need their expertise and experience. We all lose!

    Moral of the story is “Where is John Galt.”

    “It means having righteous indignation at the injustice of a political system that bails out individuals and institutions for irresponsible behavior and at the expense of those like you who prosper through hard work and personal responsibly.”

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    “Where is John Galt.”

    In the White house, trying to clean up the mess created by the progressives.
    I love the sound of liberal heads exploding in the morning!!

    Toxically masculine and proud of it!

    I will give up my guns when the liberals give up their illegal aliens.
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