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  1. #1 Beyond Jussie Smollett: Police Union Rep Condemns the 'Obscene' Anti-Police Corruptio 
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    Beyond Jussie Smollett: Police Union Rep Condemns the 'Obscene' Anti-Police Corruption in Chicago

    "This is absolutely obscene," Martin Preib, second vice president at the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), told PJ Media on Thursday. "The whole country's upset about this fake crime. But the real horror of what's going on in Chicago goes unreported."

    "Here's the thing about the Foxx administration. Here's the story that's getting buried. Kimberly Foxx was supported heavily in her campaign by several law firms that make their living off of suing the police. She won, turns around, and lets all their clients out of prison to file million-dollar lawsuits."

    According to FOP's reporting in 2017, Foxx received hefty political contributions from Arthur Loevy, one of the most powerful wrongful conviction law firms in Illinois.

    Preib has long drawn attention to Foxx's record of reversing felony convictions for confessed murderers and rapists. Foxx vacated two felony convictions for high-ranking Spanish Cobra gang member Ricardo Rodriguez in February. Eliminating the 20-year-old convictions paves the way for Rodriguez to avoid deportation and remain in the country, FOP representatives argued.

    Arturo DeLeon-Reyes and Gabriel Solache confessed to stabbing Mariano and Jacinta Soto, murdering them and kidnapping their children. Yet Solache and DeLeon-Reyes claimed, like so many convicts, that they were victims of police misconduct, even though they pleaded guilty and confessed to the murders. The two were later released after Foxx's office granted immunity to a police officer who testified against the department.

    Prieb also noted that one of the attorneys for Smollett, Patricia Brown Holmes, also prosecuted three Chicago police officers for an alleged conspiracy against 17-year-old Laquan McDonald. Foxx relentlessly attacked her predecessor, Anita Alvarez, for failing to charge the police involved, even though the officers were later acquitted.

    Yet it seems Lightfoot is not interested in pursuing these cases or holding Foxx accountable.

    "How disappointing it was that Mayor Lori Lightfoot wanted to turn the page on [Smollett], yet she is always demanding accountability and transparency for the police," Prieb said.
    I find this utterly unsurprising. Chicago's "leaders" have been betraying its PD for years. This is just the next step beyond hobbling CPD with that settlement agreement with the OhBummer! "Justice" Department.
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    The result of another long-term urban social experiment presented by the Democrats. Supporting these corrupt "visionaries" takes stupidity to a whole new level.
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