SPOKANE, Wash. ( - A concerned parent in Spokane, Washington is encountering extreme online bullying, including violent threats, after mounting a public protest prior to a scheduled Drag Queen Story Hour at a local library.

When Anna Bohach caught wind the Spokane South Hill Branch Library was hosting the increasingly common public library event on June 15, she sprang into action. One of her first actions was to host a Facebook page which she titled 500 Mom Strong.

The page was immediately inundated with vile, hateful language and even spawned a competitive Facebook counterpart named 500 Drag Queen Strong. Bohach archived the comments prior to deleting them from her public social media site and shared the obscene posts with Church Militant.

Bohach added that she considers the masculine adoption of exaggerated feminine qualities "misogynistic." Expressing these thoughts on 500 Mom Strong, she suffered the wrath of internet trolls who threatened to rape Bohach's husband (a Marine) and insulted the physical appearance of her children.

They proved Bohach's charge of misogyny spot-on by referring to her in the harshest, least imaginative terms for female reproductive anatomy. The only printable insult from the cache of Facebook posts provided by Bohach is "professional brood sow."