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  1. #1 Trump says nothing wrong with taking foreign Opo... 
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    Trump says nothing wrong with taking foreign Opo...

    In G. Stephanopolis interview on ABC, Trump says he would listen to it, no need to call FBI. FBI is wrong if they say they need to be called.

    After all, everyonbe does it, he says! (No, Americans are basically honest, not corrupt losers!)

    (He is covertly calling for foreign intervention in 2020, folks! (He knows he will lose).
    The biggest cheater, is asking nations to help him to cheat again in 2020!
    This is also a tacit admission that he welcomed it in 2016!

    This corrupt amoral ignoramus needs to be IMPEACHED NOW!
    Hmmmmmm. I think I need to contact President Trump and suggest that he offer to PAY for the oppo research. That seems to have worked well for Hillary so far.
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    1. Hey Speaker Pelosi! Is this enough evidence for you to start impeachment hearings?

    Hillary DOING it .....and paying for it........ no problem.

    President Trump suggesting he MIGHT do it................IMPEACH HIM!!!!11!!!!!1!
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    Hillary ----> Perkins Coie ----> Fusion GPS ----> Christopher Steele ----> Steele Dossier

    Any questions?
    Timeline of US Coronavirus Events & Actions: http://www.conservativeunderground.c...l=1#post827479

    Timeline of China Coronavirus Events & Actions: http://www.conservativeunderground.c...l=1#post827993

    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

    BIG CHEETO Is Watching You!
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    Let's all play the question and answer game.................................... how many trips to her dentist and how many replacements of her false teeth has happened since Donald Trump was elected. The idiot is legally not responsible for her statements, she is brain dead and having a terrible time completing a sentence. Her cleaners must hate to see her drop off clothes due to the terrible collar stains of her clothes and all that makeup piling up.
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