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  1. #1 Ted Lieu: We just posted this warning sign outside my Capitol Hill office. 
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    The more the Democrats make of this the more people will hear about and/or note that Democrats criminalize a hypothetical regarding a foreign power giving a Republican dirt on a Democrat BUT are OK with HILLARY paying a foreigner money to get dirt from other foreign foreign countries. AND that they have nothing to say about our intelligence agencies recruiting FOREIGN intelligence agencies to spy on a political opponent in order to circumvent US laws.

    But they seem to think they're quite something.

    demmiblue (20,738 posts)

    Ted Lieu: We just posted this warning sign outside my Capitol Hill office.

    Ted Lieu @tedlieu

    We just posted this warning sign outside my Capitol Hill office.


    10:31 AM - Jun 14, 2019

    Leghorn21 (7,826 posts)


    targetpractice (3,477 posts)

    6. I suppose that will show Trump the house is super serious now. n/t
    It exposes Democrats hypocritical double standards.

    demmiblue (20,738 posts)

    13. He apparently hit a nerve!

    I just looked through the replies to his tweet... "This Tweet is unavailable" is making quite an appearance!
    That's the Democrat way. Ban all inconvenient truths.

    Honeycombe8 (36,799 posts)

    10. It's a shame that that is not a given for all politicians.

    I never thought I'd see this sort of thing in America. The POTUS saying that "sure, why not? Anyone would" talk to a foreign power who calls to give dirt on an opponent.
    Right. Unlike Hillary who solicited it and PAYED for it.

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    Yea like Schiff did when he got a call from those pretending to be Russian agents with dirt on Trump.

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    President Trump yawned.
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    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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    The President trolled the Libtards good
    with this one!

    Oh, and happy B-Day Mr. President!
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Foreign power, would that include groups who hold heavy influence over other countries, like various drug cartels, or groups who are funded and directed by other countries, like all the Iranian terrorist cells running around? Something shady, like drug trafficking, human trafficking, rape, murder, terrorism?

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