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  1. #1 1st democrat debate CNN 6/26 & 6/27 
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    Haven't decided if I am going to watch. About the only thing I am interested in is who goes after Biden and how they go after him. Three possibilities:

    1. Flip-flopping and not supporting the insane leftist agenda to their liking. I don't think this would hurt Joe at all. Any democrats supporting the batshit crazy policies already has their favorite and it ain't Joe. It could actually help him with traditional mainstream democrats who will be appalled by some of the socialist/communist rhetoric.

    2. Attack the Obama/Biden record of non-achievements. Since this would also be attacking The Anointed One, it would be absolute taboo.

    3. Attack his corrupt dealings with China and the Ukraine. Most democrats know nothing about these scandals as they live in the CNN/MSNBC bubble. This would take a lot of guts. If the establishment manages to keep control of the party, their political careers are over.

    Any of them hoping for a VP spot on a Biden ticket will not attack him.


    I guess I'll have to watch and have a barf bag handy. Also, no firearms in the same room.
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    I think it will be more of a universal bash Trump party. I'm not sure they know anything else. The debate may be a contest of who makes the biggest get-Trump promises. A "Stupidity-parade" of sorts.
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