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  1. #1 Joe Biden Wants to Bring High-speed Rail to California — Again 
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    Former vice president Joe Biden is proposing to restore California’s now-defunct high-speed rail project — just months after Gov. Gavin Newsom pulled the plug, and President Donald Trump pulled the funding.

    Biden formerly championed high-speed rail with President Barack Obama as part of the 2009 “stimulus” package.

    Joel Fox, commenting on California’s widely-read Fox & Hounds blog, noted the provision in Biden’s new plan to tackle climate change (emphasis added):

    •Spark the second great railroad revolution. Two centuries ago, the first great railroad expansion drove our industrial revolution. Today, the U.S. is lagging behind Europe and China in rail safety and speed. Biden will develop a plan to ensure that America has the cleanest, safest, and fastest rail system in the world – for both passengers and freight. •With respect to passenger rail: He’ll start by putting the Northeast Corridor on higher speeds and shrinking the travel time from D.C. to New York by half – and build in conjunction with it a new, safer Hudson River Tunnel. He will make progress toward the completion of the California High Speed Rail project. He will expand the Northeast Corridor to the fast-growing South. Across the Midwest and the Great West, he will begin the construction of an end-to-end high speed rail system that will connect the coasts, unlocking new, affordable access for every American.

    •With respect to freight: A Biden Administration will pursue projects like a bridge that connects Oregon and Washington State that moves not only trucks but rail transit, and the completion of the CREATE project in Chicago that could cut in half the time it takes vital goods to move through the country. This plan will reduce pollution,help connect workers to quality jobs with shorter commutes, and spur investment in communities more efficiently connected to major metropolitan areas.

    help connect workers to quality jobs with shorter commutes, and spur investment in communities more efficiently connected to major metropolitan areas

    In Connecticut these "communities" are referred to as "distressed communities"
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    What a moron! If he were ever elected president he would be "in charge" as much as a cardboard cutout with his image.

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    Candace Owens for President 2024.
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    That is the liberal way. Let's identify failures and then double down on them.
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