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    As always the idiots have no understanding of Trump voters. They filter everything through the filter of their hatred so they have no understanding of Trump voters, not that they are interested it.

    kentuck (91,751 posts)

    Understanding Trump Voters

    It is easy to see why they accept trump's pronouncements as gospel. They are gullible and naive rubes, in a general sense.

    After all, they still believe Hillary Clinton is guilty of crimes and should be in jail. They still applaud when their Leader makes the statement. But after more than 4 years of investigation, they found nothing with which to convict Hillary Clinton. And they were in the majority.

    The investigated Hillary Clinton for almost 4 years over Benghazi, a CIA operation that ran amuck, and 4 Americans were killed. It never registered with them at all when between 4 and 12 Americans were killed in Trump's first raid into Yemen, including an 8-year old girl, an American citizen.

    They are the "Do as we say, not as we do" Party. They insisted Jimmy Carter turn over his peanut farm yet Trump and his entire family are milking taxpayers out of hundreds of millions of dollars.

    They are not credible and should be ignored in all their political pronouncements.
    Jack*sses are dumber than a box of rocks. Hillary was never indited for anything because Obama's DOJ was corrupt and shielded her and The Blac*ss obstructed the Republicans from getting the information they requested on Benghazi.

    Jack*sses think that if they speak it that it makes it true.
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    1. NO, they don't...

    Trump's base voters do. Too many people lump all of Trump's voters together. There were 8-10% of Trump voters who chose him because of frustration with "establishment' politicians of both Parties, SOME of whom previously voted for Obama. Those are prospectively winnable again, and lumping them into the same stereotype isn't good political strategy.
    rownesheck (646 posts)

    2. I say we ignore the deplorables

    completely. They are 30%. This country doesn't need them. Democrats don't need to be trying to sway them. We need to sway normal people to give a shit and vote. That's the only way to regain some normalcy to this travesty masquerading as a country.
    The idiots also think that everyone who didn't vote would have voted for Hillary, and now will vote for the Democrat.

    dawg day (2,351 posts)

    3. I'm at that point too-- they are irrational and there's no use reasoning with them.

    I'm trying to come up with a line that will dismiss them when they want to argue with me that Trump isn't lying and does love God and America and isn't corrupt. (I live in a red state, so I'm surrounded by these delusional people.)

    I'm going to try, "Well, of course you believe that. Let's talk about something we can actually discuss."

    And then shrug and move on to another topic.

    It's not worth wasting any energy on them, but I do want them to know that I think it's not worth any energy!
    Jack*sses claim that when President Trump is sarcastic, uses obvious exaggerated language or uses hyperbole that he is "lying". So their claim that he lies means nothing. It's all about their hatred.
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    kentuck (91,751 posts)

    Understanding Trump Voters

    It is easy to see why they accept trump's pronouncements as gospel. They are gullible and naive rubes, in a general sense.
    Any time you see a DUpipo professing to "understand" Trump voters or Rs or conservatives, prepare yourself for stupidity and hilarity. And if the source is a DU-member like NG, Cyanose, Mr Corpulent, or kt, the stupidity is on steroids. That said, I hope kt persuades the Dems to add his "wisdom" to the Dems' party platform.
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    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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    The rank and file Democrats know Trump voters, and they are nothing like the outspoken libs that litter the media and the DUmp. And the rank and file far outnumber the loons. For now.
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