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  1. #1 She came in like a wrecking ball.. 
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    Liberals REALLY, REALLY hated it that they were unable to intimidate and shame Sara Huckabee Sanders. An d they hated it that it was a WOMAN who was supporting him. She was off the Democrat reservation and they were determined that she was going to pay the price for both.

    The goal was and is to destroy her............and they hate it that they haven't yet been successful.

    Soph0571 (3,511 posts)

    She came in like a wrecking ball..

    Good that she is gone. But there can be no trust in anything that comes out of the administration even with this particular liar gone.
    That's a good visual, isn't i?. LIBERAL MEN treating a woman like this and the feminazi's egg them on.

    Achilleaze (14,259 posts)

    1. Free clue for KGOP republi-kristo spokesbeings

    Right. She didn't buy into the jack*ss magical thinking and tell them what they wanted to hear claiming it was "truth" when it wasn't. AND she didn't denounce President Trump.

    lunatica (42,092 posts)

    3. She claims she was transparent and truthful

    I agree with her. She was transparent & honest in her utter contempt of the Left, the press, and children put in cages.
    Awwwwwww. Jack*sses routinely and consistantly act in a hateful manner toward President Trump, his administration and Republicans and then they DEMAND that THEY be treated with respect.

    They're coming across more and more as delusional idiots who can't and won't tolerate reality so they create their own and demand that everyone buy into it and participate in it.

    yuiyoshida (28,453 posts)

    4. She needs to be dragged before Congress

    and placed UNDER OATH and be questioned about the Trump Administration. She won't go to prison for telling the Truth. On the other hand, she might claim Executive Privilege...but maybe threatened with Contempt might change that..
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    Can we drag in all of the Obumbler's press secretaries for lying about Obamacare?
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    Apparently she may run for Governor of Arkansas, so DUpipo may still have her to kick around. And I doubt Trump would appoint Caspar or Caitlyn Milquetoast to replace her, .
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    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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