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    SHED thinks he's sooooooo smart.

    SHRED (26,944 posts) GOP Leader claims it's our oil

    He isn't the only one who talks this nonsense.

    Kevin McCarthy @GOPLeader
    · 17h

    The US is the top oil and gas producer in the world. This happened because of a national commitment to put America’s energy future into our own hands.

    We can and should pursue a similar roadmap for rare earth minerals to establish independence from China.

    Like Shale dominance, America can win rare earth production
    SHRED @Hobie_SHRED

    We haven't nationalized the oil pulled from this country by multi-national corporations at pennies on the dollar.
    We are being ripped off and idiots like you think it's "our oil".

    You're either ignorant or you are gaslighting us. Neither is good.


    12:10 AM - Jun 16, 2019
    So SHED thinks that Kevin McCarthy was saying that it is "our" oil.

    Lets look at the sentence:

    This happened because of a national commitment to put America’s energy future into our own hands.
    Right. "OUR" refers to America's energy future, not "OUR oil.

    And then look at this sentence:

    "The US is the top oil and gas producer in the world"
    For the comprehension impaired it means "coming from the US" or "a product of the US", not that the US owns the oil and gas.

    But really I do think that some on the left really do see it as "their oil" and they're mad that they aren't getting a pay out, and if they don't then no one should, especially not multi national corporations - who are putting out millions of dollars in research and exploration and then extracting it.

    mr_lebowski (8,036 posts)

    1. Exactly ... our 'friends' the multi-national Oil Companies are selling it

    off to the world as fast as they can pull it out of the ground.

    This is THE FUCKING OPPOSITE of trying to establish 'energy independence'. This fracking bounty is a one-time thing, and highly unlikely to continue at this pace for very long. We're allowing our birthright to be pissed away for short-term profit.

    How fucking stupid do you think we are KEVIN?!?
    SHRED (26,944 posts)

    2. I think most people are this stupid

    I've heard this from people whom I thought were smart. That it's our country's oil.

    It might not be "our countries oil" as in our country OWNS the oil, but if there is a war in the Middle East or some other catastrophe then we are not dependent on getting it from them. And that's a good thing. Liberals of course don't agree.
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    "Our oil" clearly means "America's oil". Beyond that, oil is a commodity, and it does not matter whether it came from US soil or Canadian or Mexican or ... . The big point is that by adding more US oil to the world market, that lowered the worldwide price of oil. And even if the oil used by DU-Moron mr_lebowski's car came from Indonesia, the additional oil produced by the US decreased the price DU-Moron mr_lebowski paid for his gasoline and motor oil.
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