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  1. #1 Girls Stater Expelled After Posting Photo of Noem and Anti-Trump Message 
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    Here's what the left thinks is OK.

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    Girls Stater Expelled After Posting Photo of Noem and Anti-Trump Message

    Some teen posted a picture of the Gov. of S.D. with some verbiage of (paraphrase) "Impeach Putin's puppet" in the foreground on a coffee mug.

    Somehow the Governor spots the image, and gets the girl kicked out of the event IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT.

    Jesus wept.

    South Dakota is all wrapped up with the Russians. S.D. Sen. Rounds got oligarch money for a failed beef plant. Maria Butina was shacking up with a GOPee clown from South Dakota, while she funneled Rubles to the NRA, who then gave money to the GOPee.

    So I wonder why Gov. Noem is so defensive? She is corrupted by rubles too.

    Further: Why are adult South Dakota women so Seig Heil-y?

    An adolescent girl attending a Girls State event took a photo of the governor.
    (If I knew how to post pictures at DU, after all these years, I'd post it, plus the one with the Nazi Thune. Alas.)

    The governor must have been prowling social media to find stuff. Which is a weird use of her time.

    The governor punished the adolescent girl for exercising her rights by kicking the girl out of the event, at midnight, no less.
    The above makes no sense.

    Here's what happened. Governor Noem gave a speech at Girls State.

    Madison Howard, a teen at Girls State took a picture of Governor Noem with Howard's thermos - or coffee mug in the foreground- that had the message "Let's party like it's Trump's impeachment day." It's the second time she's pulled this kind of a stunt. She took a picture of John Thune with with the same mug in the foreground when he came to talk to her AP government class.

    The Governor saw it and the Girls State Official told her that the Governor did not want it posted and she should not post it on social media. She posted it anyway. The Governor said she did not want it posted because she did not agree with it, and Howard replied that she agreed with it and she had freedom of speech. The Girls State officials were not happy with her and expelled. She might have freedom of speech but actions have consequences.

    She embarrassed the Girls State Officials by doing this to someone they extended an invitation to speak to those at Girls State. Being invited to Girls State is an honor and she did not act in an honorable manner.

    Not surprising though. The left thinks this kind of thing is the way to treat anyone you don't agree with.

    The idiots are upset and critical .....
    But the story here isn’t that the American Legion Auxiliary expelled a student who failed to follow orders. The story here is that the Governor’s Office was actively searching social media, identifying political content that the Governor’s Office found objectionable, discussing a punitive response to that political content in earshot of a teenage boy not involved in the original speech act, and then expressing its objection to that content to a private organization with the power to punish the student who posted that political content.
    Of course they don't point out that Howard didn't just post political content that the Governor didn't agree with, she posted a PICTURE OF the Governor that carried a message she didn't agree with. And it wasn't just issue related it was demeaning the President.

    It sounds to me like someone later told the Governor about Howard taking the picture, and after expressing her displeasure to the Girls State officials went looking for the picture. Nothing wrong with that.
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    The First Amendment limits what government can do. The American Legion is not government. They have the right to do this, and as for the girl, play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Even if I were a Dem legislator or Congress Critter I would not want this loose cannon on my staff.
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