This again. The DUmp never changes. More evidence that the "truth" is what they want to believe rather than what actually happened.

CTyankee (53,717 posts)

My friend is still upset from the last election debate where HRC let Trump stalk her from

behind as she was speaking. "She shudda turned around and said "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? SIT DOWN!"

He's replaying all this stuff in his mind (a good Dem, he was a shop steward for his plumbers' union). I said I don't think ANY female Dem candidate would allow that now!
Again for the lurkers. The W/Bitch left her side of the stage, walked across the stage in front of President Trump who was standing at his podium and who never moved once the bitch moved onto his side of the stage. Then she stood and flapped her gums. He wasn't even close to her. The camera angle only made it seem so. And if the bitch was uncomfortable why did she deliberately walk onto his side of the stage and why didn't she move if she was uncomfortable?

I'll tell you why. The BITCH weaponized her vagina and then claimed to be a victim. It's one characteristic of a BITCH. If there was any "stalking" it was done by the bitch because she was the one who moved.

And it's ONE reason white women did NOT vote for her.

DUmmies? Well you know they believe what they want to believe and not truth.

Bettie (6,306 posts)

2. Frankly, the moderators should have shut

that crap down.
They should have. They should have told the bitch to go back to her side of the stage with her chair and her podium. But then it wasn't really an issue because she wasn't that close to him.

gordianot (13,365 posts)

4. She should have turned around and clocked him in the face.

But that is hindsight. I seem to remember stories about Bill with a suspicious bruise.
Right. She would have had to move at least 5 or 6 feet to do so and that would have ruined the 'he's standing right over me' AND it would have been pointed out that if she didn't like it she should have gone back to her side of the stage.

marylandblue (11,089 posts)
9. It didn't bother me at the time, but it seems it did hurt Clinton.

No, I don't think any female candidate will let it go this time. Nor would they let go of that "nasty woman" comment.

Especially not Warren, who I can see shifting into a feminist rant that drives the audience wild.
It branded her as a bitch who was willing to lie and weaponize her vagina for political advantage.

lunatica (42,097 posts)
10. In an interview later Hillary said she was very aware of what he was doing

As a woman Who is the same age as Hillary I can tell you that we learned decades ago not to show fear. She was ignoring him very deliberately. To acknowledge that she was in any way nervous would make him win. It is also political suicide to look weak or to appear to cower. Any politician, man or woman, would come across as being a coward. It was a choice she made, knowing that if she reacted to him she would come out the loser. And he would have used it to verbally attack her even more.

I get it and would have done the same thing.
Further proof that is what she was doing.

CTyankee (53,717 posts)
21. Not from a position of weakness but from strength. I think my friend was saying that she should

have TOLD him in no uncertain terms that he had to go SIT DOWN!
*shrug* Why? It was his side of the stage and his podium. She was the one who was where she wasn't supposed to be.

demmiblue (20,769 posts)

11. I'm still bothered by the fact that HE stalked HER.

I thought that she handled the situation well.

And I also would have cheered if she had confronted him.

He stalked her? Just how did he force her to walk to his side of the stage?

tanyev (28,721 posts)

23. Or, "Donald, are you having trouble finding your chair? It's over there....there you go."

One of the books I read recently mentioned that he planned in advance to do that because he thought it would look dominating. I thought it made him look like a crazy loon who couldn't find his slippers. But I blame the debate moderator. HRC had a lot running through her mind just then and if ĎIgnore ití was her first instinct, I canít fault her for that.
He planned in advance to stay on his side of the stage, at his podium and ....somehow....."stalk her" by getting her to walk to his side of the stage and stand and flap her gums?

LuvNewcastle (10,015 posts)

26. I agree; it was the moderator's fault.

He was 'moving on her like a bitch.' He's a predator, and the debate moderator has a responsibility to keep the debate from becoming physical.
TreasonousBastard (31,926 posts)

27. I remember that, and it still pisses me off. She made the decision at the time to ignore...

him, and looking back it may not have been the right one. I wanted to knee the TV in the groin.

But, that's history, and we are looking to next year. I agree-- can't imagine any of the women now running putting up with that. At the very least, practice debates would deal with it.

If it's true that she threw books at her staff, can you imagine what Klobuchar might do to him? Warren? Harris, the prosecutor who looked murderers in the eye?

We don't know if he would try that with any of the men, but imagine Mayor Pete slowly turning around and pointing to the other lectern.

Part of me hopes he does try it again with whoever gets the nod. I vaguely remember one time back in '16 when someone called him on his bullshit and he ran off the stage. He is, after all, a coward.
My guess is that if it happens again President Trump will tell whatever bitch it is to quit playing dirty pool and get back to his/her side of the stage and stay there.

It's a long thread, over 60 comments. Liberals are divorced from reality and they think it's great. When you live in la la land you're never wrong, it's always the other person/groups fault and you can believe what you want to believe and call it 'truth'.