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  1. #1 Are you really f*cking kidding me - Part 3 - they behave very will indeed (don't want 
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    Are you really f*cking kidding me - Part 3 - they behave very will indeed (don't want sued?)

    Part 1 = Patriarchy 101

    Part 2 = Not happy and not playing their game anymore

    Part 3 = OK then, thanks for the get out and how polite are you?

    I resigned. Last Friday. I was very clear in my face to face resignation that I could no longer stay in a place that was not willing to bring its machismo culture into the 21st Century when they had purchased a female centric business. Today we agreed terms. I will exit the business on Friday on 'gardening leave' with a no competition clause for the next three months. So basically they are paying for me to get the summer off. I am to have a leaving do with the company paying $1000 to get everyone rather squiffy (hurrah!).

    I have already told my team I am happy to run a shadow government for the next couple of months until they get onto their feet without me, and I have demanded that some of my rather large salary goes to my second in command as she is going to have to deal with the fallout.

    The really weird thing is now I am leaving, these men are actually listening to me.... it is like they are trying to suck my rather large brain dry of strategy and planning before I go. Didn't listen for the last 9 months... but now?!?! Heh.

    Protection Strategy 101


    PS I am going to be so bored with 3 months off, I apologise in advance for the amount of posting I am about to do
    No. It sounds to me like she's been feminazi obnoxious for a lot longer than the start of this and they're glad she's leaving.
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    1. Do I detect a note of relief...exhilaration? that you're exiting this dark tunnel?
    Soph0571 (3,525 posts)

    2. I felt rudderless for about a minute after my discussion today

    Since I was sixteen I have never not had a job. But i am so excited about the next chapter. I am fortunate that I can afford principles. White, educated privilege is a blessing. I am mortgage free and have substantial investments. I did not have to put up with the nasty. I am blessed. Every woman should be so blessed to be able to walk away from such a toxic work environment.
    What? I thought that leftists were claiming that those with "white privilege" didn't deserve it and demanding they get rid of that which their supposed "white privilege" gives them. So how does this leftist have money, a house mortgage free and "substantial investments"? Yea, I know. They demand it of OTHERS, not themselves.
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    Lots of that could mean she's BSing, or could mean she is avoiding details that might be clues to her now former employer. DU-folk haven't often been all that careful about such things, so I'm leaning toward BSing or exaggerating substantially.

    I have a feeling her now former employer may be relieved that it only cost 3 months' salary to be rid of a victimologist PITA.
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