Good ol' kentuck must feel a pang of missing something in his life and needs confirmation that all the time he spends on DU means something.

kentuck (1000+ posts) Fri May-30-08 08:59 AM
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A question for DUers?
Do you think DU has made any difference at all in the political discussion in the country? Would anything be any different if DU never existed? I know a lot of folks have poured out their souls trying to persuade people to action and to look more closely at the propaganda coming from the White House since the election of 2000. I can remember when 10% of the nation agreed with us. We were a fringe left-wing site, nothing more. Now, it seems to me that the majority of Americans basically agree with the positions of most DUers?

What would be different, if anything, if DU never existed? Seriously.

I know there will be comments about self-importance and navel-gazing but I think we should look at this question more deeply than that? What would be the best and worst-case scenarios if not for the actions and letters and comments of good people such as those here on DU?
This moonbat was shunned from the real world and found new life in the internets.

mdmc (1000+ posts) Fri May-30-08 09:04 AM
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3. I remember feeling very isolated prior to finding DU
I had ran for local office, worked with local dems, but failed to find true camaraderie with my local dems.
I also have lots of green buddies. I was an outcast in their holier then thou green political world.
So DU gave me a chance to find other liberal progressives that have not given up on the democratic party.
And this one beleives there are fairies dancing on the head of a pin.

Time for change (1000+ posts) Fri May-30-08 09:29 AM
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13. Yes
We put out lots of important information and give it more visibility than it would otherwise have. More than 120,000 people have registered with DU, and many times that many people have read it.

As you say, many of our previously fringe ideas are becoming more mainstream.(note: Because a fringe idea goes mainstream does not make it any less a fringe idea.) That has to be due to the fact that the information is getting out there to reach people that it hasn't previously reached. Our own membership contains a good number of former Republicans.

How much of all this is due specifically to DU, and how much is due to other left wing blogs is impossible for me to say. But I feel convinced that we are making a difference.