applegrove (87,562 posts) Trump supporters are furious that a knitting website took a stand on white supremacy

Trump supporters are furious that a knitting website took a stand on white supremacy

The knitting forum that boasts over 8 million users says hate won't be tolerated on its site anymore.



Neither theory has basis in Ravelry's own narrative, though, as in their announcement, the site’s adminspointed towards a similar decision by roleplaying game hub forum RPGNet in October of 2018. Ravelry said that their new policy was "inspired" by RPGNet, who announced that they would ban all support of Donald Trump on their forums. Their policies and Ravelry's new policies are almost entirely the same, but with some minor different phrasing. RPG.comexplains their reasoning as so:

This is because [Trump’s] public comments, policies, and the makeup of his administration are so wholly incompatible with our values that formal political neutrality is not tenable. We can be welcoming to (for example) persons of every ethnicity who want to talk about games, or we can allow support for open white supremacy. Not both.

Accusations of racism and white supremacy aren't new in either the roleplaying game world or the knitting world. The knitting demographic has become younger, though, as knitter Jaya Saxena writes in a Vox article titled “The knitting community is reckoning with racism,” the demographic is still largely white women of all ages (a demographic that Trump won by a slim margin in the last election).

Other knitters say that knitting has always been political. Twitter user Samuel West replies to the Tweet of Ravelry's announcement with an image of knitters marching with a quiltwork knit banner saying "East London knitters say balls to Trump."


The article also mentions how the 'pussy hats' were knitted too.


Jack*sses are hyped up about this. They're all in agreement. I say let them have it.

They oh so righteously think they are demeaning those who support President Trump. They think they've WON!!1!

What the idiots don't know -or don't care- that they are congratulating each other for making the words "white supremacy" to have no more meaning than accusations of "racism ".

The jack*sses can use those accusations as political weapons...........but then that's all it is........political.............words to throw at those who dare to take their power and not treat them with the entitlement they think they deserve.
TheBlackAdder (12,936 posts)

2. Good! Let them create for all your Klan and German-American Volksbund needs.

They are moving to that website for all their unfiltered hate.

Perhaps create or a subdomain like
To JACK*SSES everything is political. "Fuck Trump" patterns are OK. Simply saying that you admire President Trump is not allowed.

Democrats/liberals are the fascists they claim Republican's are.
captain queeg (354 posts)

3. Glad to see this

I have a sister in law who is a real trump humper. I think her main thing is embroidery but maybe there’s some cross over. Both her and my brother voted for Trump. At least my brother has woken up and now hates him. He can’t understand how she’s still a big supporter. I can guess, she’s from, where I grew up, a fairly wealthy (white) family. They’re pretty well off now, but at least my brother came from humble roots and worked his ass off. First one in the family to get a college degree, became a doctor, etc. I’ve always considered her a silver spooner.