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  1. #1 Bill Kristol’s Democrat-funded nonprofit is bankrolling pro-Justin Amash ad campaign 
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    Bill Kristol’s Democrat-funded nonprofit is bankrolling pro-Justin Amash ad campaign

    Although Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) is rapidly losing support from constituents in his own district, he has gained new allies in the elite media class as a result of joining the Democrats to support President Donald Trump’s impeachment. Bill Kristol, the globalist neocon architect of the Iraq War, is now pumping money into Amash’s re-election efforts as a result.

    A nation organization with ties to prominent Democrat funders, the Republicans for the Rule of Law, will be spending $50,000 on an ad buy urging Republicans to support Amash as he tries to railroad the President.

    Certain ads will air during the “Fox & Friends” program on Fox News until Friday. The nonprofit will also put print ads in a Grand Rapids newspaper as well as producing digital ads.
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    These people, Kristol, Amash etc, are morally bankrupt. If they want to oppose the President, fine with me, it's a free country. To accuse ANY president of imaginary impeachable offenses is beyond the pale. A pox on both their houses.
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