It started right after the election. The stock market took an historical 2-day plunge.

The liberal media couldn't bring itself to state the obvious, so they just looked like deer-in-the-headlights and pretended it was just a fluke.

As expected, the Dow has gone through normal fluctuations through November and December. When it plunges, they scramble to blame some factor, perhaps the Detroit bailout struggles. When the market takes a jump, the reason is "obvious": Obama did something that caused the improvement, such as selecting his economic team. All other factors don't really matter, do they?

So, the first 2 days of 2009 has seen a rally. All you hear from the liberal media is that "it's a new year and people are getting excited about the new President". There's that "hope" thing again.

Now I hear them talking about a rally when Obama takes office. Is this wishful thinking or WHAT??? I see no reason for the market to go up, but tons of reason to say it'll take another plunge. Higher taxes, costlier energy and a resurrected Jimmy Carter will not do our economy a favor. It'll be curious to see what happens in another 16 days, and somewhat funny to watch the looks on their faces as they scramble to explain away the obvious again.