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    Man Gets Electrocuted Trying to Steal Copper From Transformer on Telephone Pole

    man got electrocuted to death while trying to steal copper from a transformer on a telephone pole in Dallas on June 23.

    Police reported to the scene after getting a 911 call about gunshots. Upon arrival, they found no gunshots but discovered a man dead about 30 feet away from a telephone pole, reported WFAA.

    A woman was driving near the U.S. Highway 75 service road and Oliver Street when at around 3:15 a.m. she heard a loud bang and found a man lying on the road at the curb, reported The Dallas Morning News.

    Gabriel Monjaraz, 25, was possibly trying to steal copper wire from the transformer, police said. A witness thought he had been shot, according to CBS DFW, and when first responders arrived at the scene they thought that he had been hit by a vehicle. However, the Dallas County medical examiner said he had been electrocuted
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    Copper wire thieves should study Ohmís law before they attempt to carry out a job.
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    I believe the primary voltage of pole transformers is kilovolts or 10s of kilovolts and capable of amps at that voltage; the phase-to-phase voltage is 220V and capable of hundreds of amps. Either way, the late thief-wannabe was probably extra crispy.
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