Author John Irving Is Wrong About Pro-Life Crusaders

John Irving, author of several bestselling novels, has an Op-Ed in the New York Times with the overly broad and overtly contentious title “The Long, Cruel History of the Anti-Abortion Crusade”. The subtitle is equally controversial: “Abortion opponents don’t care what happens to an unwanted child, and they’ve never cared about the mother.” As blanket statement go, those two are are broad enough to cover the galaxy. In reading the article by Mr. Irving, it seems “blanket” describes his intellectual makeup.
Mr. Irving also accuses pro-life advocates of “sacralizing” the fetus. And, I say, I am guilty. I cannot speak for all Conservative or the members of Big Pro-Life. I believe every life is sacred from conception until natural death. And, I care what happens to those “unwanted” babies. They truly are not unwanted. Someone wants and needs them.
Sometimes it thoroughly amazes me how grossly ignorant Pro-Abortion people are of real-life Pro-Life people.