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  1. #1 Code Pink protesting outside Obama's hotel demanding that he condemn Israel 
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    Code Pink protesting outside Obama's hotel

    Fox News just showed footage of Code Pink protesting outside the Hay-Adams hotel in DC where Obama is staying, demanding that he condemn Israel. Fox also reported that Code Pink plans to be there every day until the end of Obama's stay. No link yet.
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    LOL, CNN is having a good day today reporting the "News"

    SUZANNE MALVEAUX: ...Susan, tell us about demonstrations that are now against Barack Obama, as well, that are taking place in Chicago.

    SUSAN ROESGEN: Well, actually, Suzanne, these folks are pro-Obama -- they’re pro-the-president. But they’re activists and they want some things done, and when Barack Obama says ‘yes, we can,’ they say, ‘yeah, you better.’

    (CNN GRAPHIC: ‘Activists Targeting Obama: Demonstrators pressuring president-elect to keep his promises’)

    ROESGEN (voice-over): This is about as close as you can get to Barack Obama’s Chicago home these days -- there’s a cop car on every corner. So anyone who wants to make a political statement is pretty much pushed off to the side -- like this group -- small in number, big in spirit.

    UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: I’m sure he knows we’re here, and he can come out and talk to us.

    ROESGEN: These activists represent various local and national groups, like Veterans for Peace and Democracy Now, and they’ve joined forces to promote a list of campaign promises they want Obama to remember -- promises to bring the troops home, to stop foreclosures, to make a plan for universal health care.

    UNIDENTIFIED MAN: This campaign was to build bridges across the issues. We’re working both on the domestic issues, as well as globally.

    ROESGEN (on-camera): You know, once again, these are activists, Suzanne, who supported President-elect Obama, who voted for him in the election. They just don’t want him to forget his campaign promises to pull the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, to stop home foreclosures, and they’re going to stay out there, even in this bitterly cold weather -- they say, in eight-hour shifts every day up to Inauguration Day. Suzanne?
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    They where amazingly quite while Hamas fired rockets at civilians.
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