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  1. #1 The country’s view of the Obama recession 
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    Interesting charts here. With just a tinge of a progressive lean to the dialog.

    Inflation and unemployment are historically low, and the labor market overall remains strong. But Bankrate’s latest survey finds that opinions on how well the economy is doing -- and how close we are to the next recession -- vary depending on your household income and the political party you’re affiliated with. And financial experts’ opinions on the economy are at odds with what you’re hearing from everyday citizens, like your friends and next-door neighbors.

    The biggest takeaway? Regardless of whether you believe the economy is chugging along or on the brink of collapse, most of us aren’t ready to face another slowdown. We looked at the status of Americans’ emergency savings and picked experts’ brains on the best ways to prepare for the worst.
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    Biggest takeway I get is this:

    Despite 24/7 denigration of the ecomony by democrat leaders and MSM, they can't get a majority of democrats to say the economy is "not so good or poor".

    To quote James (the snake) Carville:

    It's the economy, stupid!

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