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  1. #1 Pete Buttigieg Warns Black Americans of Another Civil War 
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    Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Tuesday warned Black Americans of a new civil war if the federal government failed to end racist institutions and pay reparations for slavery.

    “If we do not tackle the problem of racial inequality in my lifetime, I am convinced that it will upend the American project in my lifetime,” he warned. “It brought our country to its knees once and if we do not act, it could again.”

    Buttigieg spoke about racial issues during a Chicago speech at Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition and Citizenship Education Fund.

    The South Bend mayor spoke about the burden he carried after a white police officer shot and killed a black man who was suspected of breaking into cars. He acknowledged that there was much more to do on issues of race in the police department, but that was only the beginning.

    “Yes, the uniform is burdened by racism, but it goes far beyond that, our health care system is burdened by racism … we know that our housing is burdened by racism … our schools are burdened by racism,” he said
    This guy is dangerously insane !
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    He’s just another inspired Marxist punk doing his best to provoke cultural discord....

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    He has no support from the black community and trying to buy it at the tax payers' expense. What a guy!

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    The country would be in a lot better position to end all the anger and hatred if these people who desire power would just shut up, butt out and let people work things out themselves. People would probably find out that we have more in common if the power-hungry would stop highlighting our differences.
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    Someone should explain to mayor Pete that, if a civil war starts, it's going to be his side that starts it.
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