TexasTowelie (65,791 posts) Culture shock: Former Edgewood College students and staff complain of racist campus culture

When Tony Chambers accepted a job at Edgewood College in 2015, he saw the chance to make a difference. Being the first African American senior administrator at the school put him in a unique position to further its stated commitment to diversity and inclusion.

“I believed in the values they have,” said the 63-year-old veteran administrator. “I believed that I could do something different.”

So he agreed to start work the following January, then announced his retirement from the University of Toronto, where he remained for the rest of the year to fulfill retirement benefit requirements.

The first inkling that he’d made a mistake came before he even started.

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But the school isn’t alone. Chambers’ story and those of others who have worked and studied at Edgewood highlight a vexing dilemma for institutions of higher learning: a growing emphasis on diversity and inclusion brings with it an escalation of racial tensions.

And the election of President Donald Trump in 2016 made matters worse.

What a surprise. Constantly telling kids (and adults) that they are 'racist' because their skin color is "white", that having black friends and family doesn't mean that that they are not racist, in fact, if they say it as evidence they are not racist, it's PROOF that they ARE RACIST...

Tell them over and over again that they have "white privilege" and that they need to "check their privilege" insinuating that there is something wrong with them simply because of their skin color. Tell them that they do not have a right to their own beliefs and values if it goes against the leftist 'diversity' values where tolerating that which you don't agree with isn't enough, one MUST celebrate it and totally buy into it even if you believe what is being touted is immoral. Push the concept of "microaggressions" and find ways to claim that everything is racist...................

Push "diversity" in their face day after day, every day. Stoke racial resentment for political gain...... Claim "black this" and "black that" and "black pride" is OK, but "white anything" including pride in your culture is "racist". Claim "black lives matter" is OK, but "all lives matter" is RACIST.....

And then pretend to be oh so surprised when people decide that if they are "racist" no matter who they are or how they act then there's no reason not to "be racist".

Yes, there is real racism out there, but there are so many accusations of "racism" for political or social gain that true racism is simply discounted as more of the leftist usual.

"Diversity" is all about power, and making sure that the leftist pecking order of who is the most "oppressed" by the leftist on top and white men are on the bottom. It is about ENFORCING the leftists view of social order.

And they wonder why there is "racial resentment" when they tout "diversity".

Sherri Charleston, UW-Madison’s assistant vice provost for diversity, equity and educational achievement, said the university saw an “alarming and disturbing” increase in racial incidents in 2016, including the infamous incident at a UW football game during which a man with a Donald Trump mask led another man posing as Barack Obama around the stands with a noose.
And no doubt both participants were liberals. Fake "hate crimes" by liberals became all the rage after President Trump was elected.