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    Without following the case closely at all, kept hearing about Acosta resigning. The first time I heard, thought it was quite strange for Jim Acosta resigning to be breaking news.
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    Maxine Waters used TARP funds to prop up her husband's bank. Her punishment? She is named the chairwoman of the House finance committee.

    Bob Menendez accepts bribes and may have had sex with underage girls in the Dominican Republic. His punishment? A 2nd senate term.

    Hillary Clinton used an illegal private server, and when subpoenaed deleted 30,000 emails, "bleached" the hard drives, and literally had Blackberries smashed with hammers. Her punishment? She was nearly elected President of the United States.

    Richard Blumenthal admitted to lying about his service in Vietnam. His punishment? He's elected to 2 terms in the US senate.

    Meanwhile, any Republican even accused of the slightest infraction is made to resign or drop out of a political race or is forced to give up some kind of leadership role. Why is there one set of rules for Democrats but another set of rules for everyone else?

    And as I keep saying, conservatives sit idly by and let happen and say things like, "pretty soon we're going to get tired of this". If you're not tired of this BS by now, you're just blowing smoke.
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